Finishing Academy

Parsona™ - The Finishing school is an educational endeavor with a team of professional Image Make Overs and Stylists for coaching and training people - from youngsters to seniors, individuals to corporate, to empower them with valuable self confidence, upper class personality and refinements for their personal, social and business lifestyles and society.

Soft Skills trainings in professional life, are hardly taught at schools and universities of the world. Empowering topics and subjects at Parsona™ include Personality Development, Image Management, Body Language, Communication Skills, Postures, Gestures and Expressions; Fine Grooming, Dress Sense, Fine Dining; Handling Sensitivity of Criticism, Negativity, Anger Management and allied skills. These skills are equally or even more powerful than only academic and vocational skills.

At Parsona™, we make your transformation journey an enticing and enriching one, which enhances strengths and downplays weaknesses by making optimal use of available processes that will change people's perception of you positively. If you have a passion or a dream that you'd like to pursue, Leave it to us to make it your Persona

" You never get a second chance to make a first impression "

~ Will Rogers